Friday, April 27, 2007

ACSI Music Festival

Jesse and Isabelle participated in the ACSI Music Festival this year. Jesse played a piano piece called "When the Saints go Marching in" and a duet with Isabelle called "Skip to my Lou". Isabelle played a piano piece called " Clap Hands" and the duet with Jesse. There is no winner or loser in this competition, but you are graded on your performance. Both kids received superior marks on every piece! Isabelle even had the comment from one judge " perfect, nothing negative at all, keep up the good work." We are so proud of both of them. I took some pictures of them practicing in Chapel. I could not attend the festival. The second picture is both the kids playing but Isabelle is hard to see!

Morning Sweetness

There is something about the kids when they first get up in the morning. They always look so sweet. I had a few pictures left on my camera so I took some pictures of them eating breakfast and being sweet!

Goin to church

Sunday morning can sometimes be hectic. This Sunday everyone was ready with time to spare! The kids always look so nice and I never seem to get time to take their picture. We had extra time so I grabbed the camera!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Is it summer yet?

I know I have said so much about the weather, but it has just been crazy. One day it was near 80 degrees. The kids desperately wanted to get out the water hose. I said no but we did go to the store and buy popsicles. We no sooner got home from the store when the ice cream man came down the street. We settled for our treats from the store. What a mess everyone was! More pics in our albums.

Deanna Rose Farmstead

We had a warm spring day last week that was perfect for an outing to one of our favorite places. The farm has animals, history, playgrounds, and lots of walking room. Courtney, Sarah, Seth and I went out for the day while Jesse and Isabelle were in school. We had so much fun I had to promise we would go back and visit the farm very soon. You can see all our pictures if you click on "Our Photo Albums"

Fun in the Kitchen/Up to no good!

OK, I will admit I am not the perfect mother. I spend my fair share of time, not doing anything productive. I probably yell a little to much, and I am sure the kids watch to many videos( how do you think I get this blog thing done?). Well, one Friday the kids were out of school and we had not done much more than clean, fold laundry, the usual stuff. I decided we should spend some quality time together in the kitchen. We have pizza a lot on Fridays and we had the stuff to make our own, so " fun in the kitchen" begins! Jesse was not to interested but Belle, and Courtney loved rolling out their own dough, spreading on the sauce and loading the pizza up with meat and cheese! I was feeling good, thinking "I am a good mother", the girls and I are bonding - wait a minute where are the twins- I had heard them earlier playing together, giggling, talking, just being the angels that they are, but I had not checked on them not wanting to disrupt the state of bliss in our home. -Wait a minute, was that water I just heard- It was water,splashing water and laughing, this can not be good. Well,I found my two little cherubs flushing wet wipes down the toliet and laughing at the water running all over the floor. OK, remember I am up for "mother of the year", so I calmly grab my camera take a few pictures then put them in timeout! After cleaning up the flood in the bathroom and changing their clothes, I went back to check on the pizza. No sooner had I entered the kitchen when I heard the piano keys and more of that suspicious laughing. The little devils ( yes I am calling them devils now) had colored all over the piano keys with a red crayon! This time I was not so patient. They were put back in timeout ( professionals say 1 min. per childs age, they have never met my two!) for five long minutes. The bliss was over but I did get some cute photos and at least I have a story to tell, right. Keep me in your prayers! You can view all of the pictures from this event by clicking on" Our Photo Albums."

Weird Weather

Two weeks ago on Friday/Saturday we had about four inches of snow fall. We have had a nice spring with some warm weather and some cool weather but this tops it all. Then of course on Sunday, the temperature reached 55-60 degrees so all the snow was gone. I took these pictures on Saturday morning and again Sunday about noon. Pretty amazing, huh?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Easter weekend was lots of fun at our house but it was also very, very, very cold. I think it was about 30 degrees when we left for church Sunday morning. Aunt Ann and Nanny were here for a visit and that made everything so much easier. It is always easier when there are almost as many adults as there are children! Seth was sick so he stayed home from church and was not feeling well most of the weekend. Today is Tuesday and I think he is finally almost back to his laid back ways! We had a good visit with Tim's family on Easter. The kids love playing with all the cousins. I think Jesse our entrepreneur swapped everyone out of their Easter candy. Well the Lord is so good and we just had a great time worshipping him and celebrating the empty tomb.

Friday, April 6, 2007

The Duck Pond

The kids loved feeding the ducks at Loose Park. If I would have let Sarah pick one up and take one home she would have. She loved feeding, and chasing the ducks and geese. All of the kids had a great time and hopefully will have fond memories of this day.