Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School

Last Wednesday was our first day of school. I think we all were excited about school starting. Jesse is in the fifth grade. He has a seasoned teacher who loves to educate children. Isabelle is in the third grade. Her teacher is teaching for the first time this year. She is Korean. She came to the USA as a foreign exchange student about five years ago. She loved it so much she decided to stay. I am sure Isabelle will learn a lot from Ms. Han this year. Courtney started kindergarten. It is only a half-day program, 8:15-11:15. Her teacher actually has a combined class. She is teaching kindergarten and first grade together. I think this will help Courtney, having the older kids in her class. I have posted pictures of their first and second days of school in our photo albums. I had to take pictures the second day because it was chapel day and the girls always wear their cute plaid jumpers.